Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions as well as the information presented on our website, our brochures and any other document, constitute the bases of the contract formed between the client and Jean-François Gaspar and Stéphanie Lismonde, owners of the Le Galisse cottage. As they establish our respective rights and obligations, we ask you to read them carefully.


After having read these terms and conditions, we kindly ask that you sign the rental contract that you will receive and send it to us by email to info@legalisse.be or by postal mail to the following address: Le Galisse, Rue Eysden-Mines, 40, 6698 Grand-Halleux, Belgique. In addition, we request payment of a deposit of 25% of the rental amount (see point 8 for more information on the modes of payment) in order to validate your reservation. Your reservation will only be effective upon receipt of your deposit in our bank account.


The reservation contract mentioned above must be signed by the person responsible for the group. The latter must be over age 18 and able to commit himself as well as the people of his group. In case of a group reservation, the deposit and the balance must be paid all at once. The person responsible for the group is response for all payments and is jointly liable for payment of the total price of the stay for all persons in the group staying in our cottage. Upon receipt of the deposit, the contract established between you and the owners takes effect. Written confirmation must always be provided to you in the event of a quote by telephone.


All prices shown in our brochures, on our website, in advertisements or email exchanges are considered to be correct at the time they are communicated. We will inform you of any price change before any reservation.


Notwithstanding our right to change prices at any time, the price stated on your rental agreement is not subject to change.


We ask you to pay a deposit of 25% of the rental amount when sending your signed rental agreement (see point 8 for more information on payment methods).


The balance of the rental fee as well as the deposit indicated in your contract must be paid at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the stay. If the reservation is made in the 2 weeks preceding the start of the stay, we ask that you immediately pay the full amount due for the stay as well as the deposit. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation, due to your fault, if we do not receive the payment (s) within the time limits referred to above. In this event, the owners will keep the sums previously paid by the customer.


The rental charges included in the rental price are as follows: Consumption of water, electricity and heating oil, tourist tax, wood (for the fire, if applicable), waste management (sorted by you). If the sorting of waste is not respected, a fine will automatically be withheld from your deposit. Possibility of renting household linens (bed sheets and towels) and offer of bed preparation service. By signing your rental contract, you acknowledge having read the prices of charges applied.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash to our account: Gaspar-Lismonde; IBAN: BE08 3770 1221 9613; BIC: BBRUBEBB by communicating your dates of stay.


If, due to special circumstances, you wish to cancel your stay, the amount of your 25% deposit will be refunded in full provided that notification of this cancellation is provided in writing no later than 2 months before the start of your stay (by email or postal mail to the addresses indicated on your contract). If cancellation occurs less than 2 months before your stay, the 25% deposit will be automatically retained by the owners as compensation.

If, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to cancel your reservation, we reserve the right to suspend the refund of your deposit depending on the circumstances, in the interest of the economic preservation of our property. Cases of force majeure (wars, threats of wars, attacks, terrorism, natural disasters, fires, strikes, pandemics, government decisions, deaths, etc.) are considered as circumstances beyond our control.

In these latter circumstances (force majeure only), you can then request the postponement of your stay to a later date and your deposit then remains valid. This request must be made in writing within 15 days before the start of your stay at info@legalisse.be.


By booking a stay in our Le Galisse cottage, the customer agrees to behave in a responsible manner and so as not to disturb the people present in the premises, the residents and the locals. We will be obliged to charge you for any damage, loss or theft caused by your group. Any damage caused will be deducted from your deposit. Likewise, any complaints from residents for noise at night will systematically lead to a deduction of compensation from your deposit.


At the end of your stay, you will receive a general paid invoice including your rent and charges.


Any participation in sports and tourist activities is done at your own risk. It is your responsibility to take out the ad hoc insurance.


The person responsible for the group must ensure that all members of the group have the necessary insurance to cover them throughout the stay. This insurance will cover, in particular, any damage or domestic accidents as well as the risks related to the practice of tourist and sporting activities and, in certain indicated circumstances, the risks related to fire and water damage.


The owners can in no way be held responsible for any problem relating to services provided by third parties (e.g., catering, taxis, packages, excursions, food trucks, entertainment, etc.). It is your responsibility to ensure the quality of these services. As such, any complaint therefore be sent to the service provider.


The owners are responsible for the services that they have agreed to provide you directly. They cannot be held responsible for any act or omission of customers, regardless of whether it involves negligence on their part. The owners will not be responsible for any complaints made against its customers by third parties or by its own customers.


The contract formed between the customer and the owners is subject to Belgian law. Any dispute in connection with establishment, interpretation, execution or non-performance of the contract falls within the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts and tribunals.